The Secret to California's Strawberries: A National Treasure

Theres no questioning the quenching decadent flavor of a freshly grown strawberry in mid summer. Blended to perfection in a Daiquiri, mixed into a fresh salad, or even standing alone strawberries are a national treasure loved by all. Throughout California, Strawberry fields run wild and are taken pretty seriously.

With some of the most strict health regulations and highest standards regarding workers health, consumers can have confidence in Californias Berrys. Farmers are often thought of as underpaid and overworked, but in California, farmers can make more than $30 per hour during peak harvest, and all farmers earn medical and disability insurance. When shopping for produce, Californias policies are noteworthy for the ethical consumer. Peak strawberry season starts in early spring and runs through fall, and there are no genetically modified strawberries grown commercially and shipped, (No GMO's).

To best enjoy these delicious fruits, slice thinly as the citrus in fruits react to oxygen with a burst of flavor. Look for the bright red ones with a fresh green cap, and check to make sure theres no bruised or moldy ones. Store at room temperature for best keeping.

Check out Food Networks Strawberry Daiquiri and give it a try when the temperature rises. (Thank us later)


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