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Choose your destination

Begin your journey with Celebrate States by choosing the best plan for you. Then choose your first box- The October Box is the Massa-BOO-setts box! OR choose the Florida Vacation Box at check out!

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Monthly- $45.00 per month

Monthly subscription $45 per month,  Cancel any time! 

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3 Month for 
 $45.00 per month

Use code OFF30 for 30% off your first box with a three month subscription. By choosing this option you are agreeing to be bill $45 per month plus shipping ($8.00) for two months after your initial discounted purchase. Offer not valid with other offers.

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6 month with 50% off first box with code TAKE50. 
            $39.00 per month

BEST VALUE- Use code TAKE50 for 50% off your first box.  By signing up for this deal you are agreeing to be billed $39.00 plus shipping ($8.00) for five consecutive months after your first discounted box purchase. Offer not valid with other offers.

One time Specialty Box

Order a one time specialty box for any special occasion. Then send us an e-mail to tell us more about what types of items you are looking to receive or gift. Then relax and let us do the shopping for you! 

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$55.00 plus shipping