Small Business Spotlight: Kyvan Foods

Owned and operated by former NFL player Reggie Kelly and his wife Sheila Kelly, this family owned business based in Georgia is home to a variety of food products that cater to breakfast lunch and dinner, adding that special southern taste to any meal. From their Honey Apple flavored butter and salsas to their spicy Jambalaya sauce, Kyvan Foods brings to you a “Cajun/ Creole holy trinity”, hitting all the right notes.

“Take your culinary experience to the next level”, with some of the Kelly family’s favorite flavors. Even after traveling the world with the NFL, Reggie Kelly has not forgotten his southern roots. With traditions passed down from generation to generation, Kyvan recipes are an ode to home style cooking. The idea to start a cooking line came to Kelly during a football camp run by him and his wife in their hometown of Aberdeen. After cooking for the kids at the camp they were overwhelmed with positive responses. In a statement by Reggie Kelly,“They expressed their enjoyment of the meals and the difficulty of finding flavorful food like these anywhere else.”, leading him to begin his journey with Kyvan foods.

Get a taste for home style southern cooking with Kyvan Foods in your Georgia box by Celebrate States.

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