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At Celebrate States, our mission is to support and promote local and family owned businesses by distributing high quality products and state specific educational content into homes across the United States. 


Hello! We are a small group of friends who love to visit pop-up craft fairs and markets around Central Florida. We see so many great products produced locally that we knew people nation-wide would enjoy. The small family run businesses at these markets are truly the heart of America and demonstrates the diverse natural resources and culture of a state. The U.S. is so vast and we know everyone does not have the opportunity to travel and see the states, so we are bringing the state to you. Through fun educational and travel materials, to foods, decor, candies and skin care products, we want everyone to experience what each state has to offer. From award winning local bbq sauces to handmade soaps, we strive to seek out these small businesses in each state that offer the best quality products and deliver them into homes across the U.S. What better way to do this than through a subscription box delivery service made with local made in the USA products.

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