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Celebrate States

Receive a fun box from a different U.S. State every month!

Learn About States/Support Local Businesses

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Subscribe to receive a monthly U.S. Box. The first box will automatically be Florida. If you want a different, available box you can request it in the survey at check out!


We ship your first box of goodies in 1 to 2 business days so you don't have to wait!


Enjoy a month of exploring one of the great U.S. States and your next state box will ship on the 15th of the following month!

What do our Celebrate States Families have to say?

What's Inside?

Local Foods

Home decor!

6 to 7 full sized


North Carolina Take Flight Box
North Carolina Take Flight
Fun NC Take Flight Box!
The Florida Vacation Box
Fun Florida Vacation Box!
Nevada Exploration Box
Fun Nevada Exploration Box

Useful items!

Fun interactive


on U.S. States! 

Local Foods!

Akita B.

I decided that with covid, I wasn't going to comfortably take a vacation in a long time. So, I saw this subscription box and thought it was perfect! My son and I enjoyed our Florida box and look for to our next one which will be Nevada! We enjoyed the special little treats, brochures and such. I even sat and visualized visiting the different places based on the brochure. My vacation in a box 😆 Akita B.

Jackie S.

What a fun box! Great idea if you have never visited Nevada. We loved all the goodies and variety of items. It seems the whole family gets a taste, education and a way to plan out our next vacation. Great for homeschooling when learning about the United States. I know we have some great ideas to go to after Covid and we will all be ready for a vacation!

Jackie S. 


Celebrate States subscription box is an unexpected but delightful little box. I received my Florida box and it was full of awesome items that were made right in Florida, from honey to sea salt body scrub, to pamphlets that sparked my interest in planning a vacation! They heard I was gluten free and dairy free and they made sure to keep out any goodies that I would be allergic to, and when they found out I had a dog they even threw in some Tipsy Pooch dog treats for him. They seem to really care about their customers and what the service they are providing. I purchased a 1 time box, but after receiving it I think I'll be signing up for a subscription so I can explore a new state every month. Thank you for Celebrate States for being so kind, generous and creative. Raven

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I wanted something different and special as a gift for my girlfriend. I contacted customer service and they designed a special gift box for me.  My girlfriend loved it!  We can't wait for the next Celebrate States box!

Victoria K.

My Aunt gave me this for my birthday and I loved all the Florida information and activity sheets. The flavored honey sticks were my favorite! My family loves to visit Florida but we couldn't go this year so this was the perfect gift. I am excited to see what the next state will be.

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"6 Unique Subscription Boxes to try in 2021"

Discover Small Business/Learn about U.S. States

Boxes are packed full of fun foods to try, beauty products, and home goods as well as travel and fun information on the state and the U.S.

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