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Do you have a unique need for a gift? We LOVE to create custom boxes. We have customized boxes for Valentine's Day, birthdays, and other important events.

This is also where you can order a one time state box! 



Choose from our list of custom one time boxes:             

  • Florida Vacation Box - 1 to 2 business day ship time. 

  • North Carolina Take Flight Box  - 4 to 5 day ship time.

  • Born in the USA Birthday Box- customized to your recipient - 4 to 5 day ship time.

  • I Heart You! The Love Box- customized to your recipient- 4 to5 day ship time.

  • Let's Get Saucy Box- A variety of  sauces and meat rubs from across the U.S. 1 to 2 day ship time.

  • Specialty boxes are VERY customized so we require an email request for the type of box you would like and what types of products you would like in the box-this is how customized we get! So please e-mail us with your request at

  • You are welcome to e-mail us before purchasing to discuss or we can easily track your order for reference and apply your choices to the order. 

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